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Cheyenne SensiDrive® technology, motor drive through different algorithms, extremely low vibration and reduced heat generation, coupled with a powerful motor – Discover the Cheyenne SOL Terra. A revolutionary tattoo machine that guarantees clear results and reduces pain during use.

The Cheyenne SOL Terra sets a new standard for angled tattoo machines: An unparalleled new work experience awaits you thanks to the innovative SensiDrive® technology!

This new revolutionary and by Cheyenne patented technology offers two diffrent settings: “Hard” and “Sensi”. The electronics of the motor are set diffrently. Experience two completly diffrent feels. Some artists describe the “Sensi” setting as “Just like a traditional coil machine”. Other describe the “Hard” setting as “The best liner machine ever”.

The SOL Terra lets you control the motor through different settings, while the application remains powerful and gentle on the skin. The results are extremely precise tattoos, reduced pain during the tattoo, as well as a faster healing process.

4mm stroke length make the SOL Terra the leading device for saturated lines and color packing for all designs. The Cheyenne machine operates from 25 Hertz in the low-frequency range and even can be increased to up to 150 Hertz. The SOL Terra always gives you you a smooth and quiet experience with significantly lowered vibrations.

Our high-tech anodization process lets you clean the tattoo machine easily and safely for a hygienic practice. The classic Cheyenne hand piece as well as our safety- a craft needle modules complete your set-up, so you can use the SOL Terra in the best possible conditions. All Cheyenne power packs with an output power starting at 2.5 amps are compatible with the SOL Terra, for reliable control of the tattoo machine.

Cheyenne SOL Terra: welcome to a new dimension of tattooing – Manufactured in Berlin.

SensiDrive® technology
Powerful, vibration-free tattoo machine
2 motor-control algorithms
Perfect for lining and color packing
Low-Frequency from 25 Hertz
4mm stroke length
SOL Luna and Terra are Cheyenne‘s quietest tattoo machines
High-quality workmanship
Ideal healing results
Balanced performance through safety and craft cartridges
Long-lasting and easy to clean anodization
Handle cage protects the connection

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