InkJecta Eclipse Rotary Tattoo Machine


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Eclipse Rotary Tattoo Machine by InkJecta

Able to push up to a 45 mag with ease, the InkJecta Eclipse tattoo machine offers a smooth, direct, and powerful performance. The machine’s sleek silver-and-black body gives it style as well as versatility and power.

With Eclipse, artists can enjoy features that have come to be hallmarks of InkJecta tattoo machines: an aerospace billet alloy constructed frame, a custom nano-technology motor, a broad voltage length of 4.5v up to 18v, and an interchangeable chrome cam. The Eclipse also offers all-new features, such as an injection moulded fibre motor housing, a twin-spring vice grip lock, and a hand-matched medical grade slide. Artists can also enjoy a new bar stabilizer with adjustable give for an even more versatile performance. The machine also features a flex pin system with rigid and medium configurations.

This listing is for the Eclipse rotary tattoo machine by InkJecta, complete with a 3.25mm chrome cam, bar stabilizer, and flex pin system.


Aerospace billet alloy constructed primary frame
Custom Nano technology motor; reinforced with injection moulded fibre motor housing
Flex pin system; includes rigid and medium
Equipped with twin-spring vice grip lock
Standard 3.25mm chrome cam included; interchangeable
Voltage Length: 4.5v–18v
Able to easily push up to a 45 mag
RCA connection
Supplied with Super Lube
Comes with bar stabilizer with adjustable give
Hand-matched medical grade slide

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Weight 1.00 lbs


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