InkJecta Flite Nano Titan Snow White


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Flite Nano Elite Titan in Snow White — Rotary Tattoo Machine by InkJecta

Raising the bar for success after the release of the Flite Nano, InkJecta introduces the innovative and state-of-the-art rotary tattoo machine, the Flite Nano Titan. Retaining the smooth performance and favored qualities of its predecessor, the Titan boasts a much more lightweight construction with a carbon fiber frame, a newly designed 3.25 cam, and a titanium lock nut. Other features include the custom Nano technology motor, LED, light activation, non-polar sensitivity, and no start-up delay. The Titan also offers both a semi rigid drive and a medium torsion drive for versatile performance.

The Titan is available in Snow White, Blue Tongue, and Complete Carbon. This listing is for the Titan in Snow White. A custom storage case, one black semi rigid bar, one medium torsion bar, set-up manual, and INOX MX6 lubricant is included with your purchase.

Please Note: Discounts will not be accepted with this tattoo machine.

The product images show the Titan Snow White with a black base plate; these images are for reference only. You will receive a Titan Snow White with a white base plate.

Color: Snow White
Weight: 47g
Lightweight carbon fiber frame
All-new 3.25 cam design
Titanium lock nut
One black semi rigid bar and one medium torsion drive bar included
Broader voltage length: 4.5V – 20V
Non-polarity sensitive
No start-up delay
RCA Connection
Supplied with INOX MX6 lubricant
Custom storage case and set-up manual included
Use with RPG Click grips, Cheyenne Adjustable Flex grips, and InkJecta grips
Manufactured in Germany

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