True Tubes Cartridge Grips 1″ Box of 20


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True Cartridge Tubes are yet another innovative disposable tattoo product from True Tubes. True Cartridge Tube disposable single-use cartridge tattoo tubes allow artists to setup needle configurations quickly and smoothly while tattooing! True Cartridge Tubes and True Drive Bars are compatible with all coil tattoo machines and conventional rotary tattoo machines and vices. True Cartridge Tubes are machined from high quality medical grade ABS plastic and have a textured no slip grip. Designed to ensure that the needle cartridge is pushed perfectly straight for precision while tattooing.

True Tubes Cartridge design allows for ultimate control and artist comfort while tattooing with a lightweight grip that helps prevents stress or strain on the wrist to reduce hand fatigue. Adjustable needle depth gives the tattoo artist more control than ever! True Cartridge Tubes also help speed up the work process by reducing the need to have a multi machine set-up each tattoo. The revised “True locking system” makes the interchanging of cartridges a breeze with the True bayonet style socket set into the grips, allowing the cartridge tips to be attached or detached quickly and they are compatible with all modern cartridge systems. True Cartridge Tubes are individually packaged and pre-sterilized by E.O. Gas and include a brand new “True Drive Bar” with each disposable True Cartridge Tube. Available in 1” diameter, works great with True Grips! Give them a try today!

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